China sets up wartime measures in Wuhan, send 25,000 medical personnel

China Sends 25,000 Medical Personnel To Hubei As War Time Conditions Take Effect.

1,716 medical workers have been infected. China has sent new 217 medical rescue groups totaling 25,633 personnel to Hubei province to fight the outbreak.

New wartime level quarantine measures take effect in Wuhan.

China has sent 217 medical rescue groups totaling 25,633 medical rescue personnel to Hubei province, 20,374 of whom are from local areas, according to the Global Times. This exceeds the number sent to support the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake which killed over 80,000 people.

Construction steel demand: -80%
Traffic (road congestion):     -82%
Chinese Province Authorizes Private Property Confiscation To Fight Virus
The Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress has authorized the government in the region to confiscate private property as needed to fight the Coronavirus outbreak.
Authorities can now “requisition houses, facilities, materials, etc. as an emergency epidemic prevention response when necessary.”