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Dear friends of science, technology, business, history,

Welcome to the PressClub World news platform, where you can become a journalist, editor, reporter, translate articles from other authors, and receive cryptos as a reward. It’s not too much, but it’s more than nothing. On FB and Twitter, millions people write posts, some of high quality, yet writers will not receive anything for their efforts.

In PressClub World we will discuss topics that are taboo in the mainstream media. For example, you will learn about the upcoming revolutionary technology that will completely change the world. The forthcoming technological revolution, with its scope, value and benefits for a clean environment, will overcome the industrial revolution of the past centuries. It will hit thousands of large and small businesses, causing geopolitical changes. Basically, the entire industries will rebuild the next 4 to 12 years. Benefits will also come to households. It will mean large savings in production and operating costs, environmental improvements and also great profit opportunities.

Besides, we also have the usual topics where your reporter talent can apply: business, politics, lifestyle, etc. If you are attending sports events or protest demonstrations, you are the right person to write a report.

We prefer articles (articles) and comments written in a beautiful, noble, elegant and polite style. It does not have to be so “politically correct”. With artistic ease, show your opponents that even overwhelming criticism can be written in a polite tone. Publish an alternative solution, add an estimate of potential benefits and costs. Become a master of the noble language. Helping people, businesses and yourself. You will get cryptos and you will earn real hard currency on the markets because you will learn what will happen. Somebody will also be able to publish great culinary recipes that you may try for dinner.

We assume that you are the author of your contribution (article). In the case of the text being reproduced, it is necessary to mention the source, the original author/editor’s consent, or only the quotations from the original text.

If you do not yet have a suitable category (topic or sub-topic) for your article, please ask for a new category – suggest its name.

Rewards in cryptos will be received not only by authors but also by translators.

The reward for writing an article to be published consists of: Fixed amount for writing or translating an article when it is published, a moving amount depending on the number of views in the article.

For the novices, the reward is crypto IDEA (symbol: IDEA). This is a new-generation crypto, with a transaction speed of 3 seconds and a performance of 748 TPS (transactions per second). We expect this crypto to appear on cryptoexchange this year. A very nice wallet (for Android phones) can be found on Google Play (ex Android Market): Tron Wallet (from Tron Society).
Please specify the address of your wallet in your profile.

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Note: If you intend to write articles criticizing some genocide regimes, ethnic cleansing etc., we recommend that you register using an artistic name. It is no shame, many well-known authors used art names.

We wish you many great ideas (and IDEAs) too for your future articles


Will not be accepted / published, will be deleted:
– insults, vulgarisms (for vulgar words is fine – will be deducted from rewards)
– porn, sexual services, etc.
– promotion of binary options (from the summer of 2018 they are banned in the EU)
– fraudulent offers, links to fraudulent activities
– denial, detraction, excusing or praising war crimes
– any other activities that are in clear disregard of the law

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