The BIS Tests the Ground for Gradual Abolition of Cash

BIS – Bank for International Settlements, also known as Central Bank Central Bank, General Manager Agustín Carstens spoke at the Central Bank of Ireland 2019 Whitaker Lecture. Under the title “The Future of Money and Payments”, Carstens mapped the long-term vision of globalists – to gain control of the entire spectrum of the international financial system through the gradual abolition of what Bank of England Governor Mark Carney called “a tangible asset”, i.e. physical money.

The story of the “future of money” is that both the BIS and the IMF actively support the future without physical money since the Brexit referendum and the beginning of Donald Trump’s term. Here are some links to Christina Lagarde and Agustin Carstens’s speeches:

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At the heart of the vision of a fully digitalized global economy is the intention to reform national payment systems. The United Kingdom uses the Real-time gross settlement  (RTGS) system, which is used by most UK payments. Bank of England’s Victoria Cleland has stressed on many occasions that a “basic renewal” of the system is done by choice rather than necessity. This would indicate that the RTGS is working well in its current form, but the BoE (together with the European Central Bank) has the task of taking more control over payment systems.

As Victoria Cleland confirmed in several speeches, tests on a renewed RTGS showed that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has the ability to connect to RTGS in the future. Note: Blockchain is a form of DLT. In February 2019, Victoria Cleland indicated that the previous intention to complete the RTGS reform by 2020 was postponed to 2025.

Attempts to create new forms of money or technology for new ways of paying appear today almost every week.

When it comes to ‘new forms of money‘, Carstens explains that the current system of central banks issuing banknotes, and commercial banks providing electronic money, is being targeted for reform – in the shape of central bank digital currencies (CBDC’s).

A CBDC would allow ordinary people and businesses to make payments electronically using money issued by the central bank. Or they could deposit money directly in the central bank, and use debit cards issued by the central bank itself.

Note: This innovation would reduce the risk of potential failures of commercial banks. Undoubtedly, it is a well-thought-out trick to break the potential opposition of the audience and business, as it is an important detail.

It is clear that the two tranches of the reform – the payment systems and how money is being used – are currently being implemented simultaneously.

Globalist agents always use the tools gradually, in small steps, to reduce the risk of popular uprising. They do the same when making changes to the financial system. The BIS itself raised this topic in its final quarterly report of 2017. When they seek to further centralize economic power, central banks are working in secrecy. With the inconspicuous incomprehensible step-by-step method, it can take many years, even decades, to become a reality.

Carstens further noted:

The monetary system is the backbone of the financial system. Before we open up the patient for major surgery, we need to understand the full consequences of what we’re doing.”

Two CBDC variants were mentioned. The first is the wholesale option, which would be used primarily for interbank payments. The second is the retail CBDC (central bank digital currency), which is open to the public.

CBDCs could be based on either digital tokens or accounts. This would mean that citizens could open bank accounts directly with the central bank, which is not possible today and you just have to pray that your bank will not go bankrupt in the next financial crisis.

“Like cash, CBDC could be available 24/7, 365 days a year. At first glance, there is not much change for anyone who stops at the supermarket on their way home from work. He or she will no longer be able to choose to pay cash purchases. ALL PURCHASES WILL BE ELECTRONIC. ”

This confirms that if the CBDC introduces itself in the future, it will result in the abolition of physical money. Every penny you own would be kept inside the financial system. The globalists would see the hints of every purchase you make. An opposition politician who would buy a porn magazine focusing on exotic deviations (though legalized today) would be detected in a moment by central bank analytics software and politician would become immediately blackmail target. It is also the ancient dream of the Khazar criminal organization – to see all payments of all subjects in real time.

List of benefits does not stop:

And from there, differences begin to emerge. CBDC is not necessarily anonymous, such as cash. And unlike cash, he can earn interest or charge interest.

Let’s deal with each of them. In order for globalists to gain full control over the financial system, the ability of citizens to anonymously hold their money must be destroyed. Furthermore, there is a clear link with plans to introduce negative interest, where every citizen and company that holds money would be punished with a negative interest rate.

Hypothetically, it is possible to escape to cryptocurrencies, but numerous analyzes show that many cryptocurrencies, including the famous BitCoin, are manipulated by Chinese criminal organizations and Chinese exchanges in exile (cryptoexchanges are banned in China). 92 to 95% of all reported transactions on Chinese exile cryptoexchanges (but also on other cryptoexchanges) are completely fictitious.

Carsten’s boldness has gone so far as to reveal the main objective of the following statements: To takeover business of commercial banks (i.e. to destroy them). A hardcore communist dream would come true: There would only be one bank – the central bank:

Carstens suggests that central banks may one day offer deposit accounts to bypass traditional commercial banks.

And if bank deposits were transferred to the central bank, loans would also have to “move”. Credit transactions would be taken over by the central bank.


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