Salesforce CEO calls artificial intelligence a ‘new human right’

Artificial intelligence is a “new human right” that everyone should have access to, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday.

Otherwise, “those with access to A.I. will be smarter, healthier, and richer, while those without access will be weaker and poorer”, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff warned in Davos.

Debate has already emerged on the ethical uses of AI, and Salesforce recently hired a chief ethical and humane use officer to help guide its efforts.

“Today, only a few countries and only a few companies have the very best artificial intelligence in the world,” Benioff said. “Those who have the artificial intelligence will be smarter, will be healthier, will be richer, and of course, you’ve seen their warfare will be significantly more advanced.”

“We must ask ourselves, is this the kind of world we want to live in?” Benioff said. “This can be seen right where I live in San Francisco, where we truly have a crisis of inequality.”

“AI is technology like none of us have ever seen, and none of us can truly say where it’s going,” Benioff said. “But we do know this: Technology is never good or bad. It’s what we do with the technology that matters.”

Marc Benioff has becoming increasingly vocal about economic and other inequalities. Last fall, he was a major proponent of a measure in San Francisco area that would tax large companies to help the city deal with its growing homelessness problem.