Update: On March 13, the revolutionary clean energy technology will be presented in LiveStream

The revolutionary zero-emission energy technology, whose origins date back to 1994, will be presented in February via LiveStream transmission from the Rome laboratory. The new technology works 24/365 non-stop and does not need sun or wind. It does not burn any fuel.

As proof of its incredible capabilities, a demo from the laboratory of the manufacturer of this technology will be broadcast continuously.

Note: YouTube intentionally interrupts LiveStreams every few days, so two LiveStreams will run concurrently.

This technology has undergone several tens of thousands of tests and is certified. The technology will be launched later this year.

The LiveStream link will be posted on PressClub World as soon as the LiveStream starts.

Thus, humanity will finally have at its disposal a completely clean non-radioactive energy technology operating 24/365.

Update: LiveStream will start on March 13