Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Iraqi Officials: “Israeli Attacks Are Declaration Of War”

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Lebanon’s Christian President Announces Israeli Attacks Are “Declaration Of War” and Iraqi Officials Say Israeli Strikes Are “Declaration Of War” – Demand US Forces Exit.

After popular indigenous anti-terrorists forces in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq were all hit in suspected Israeli strikes in the space of less than 24 hours, signalling a new aggression out of Tel Aviv and willingness to risk yet another major Middle East war, Arab capitals are now alerting their armed forces to be on a war footing.

Lebanese Christian President Michel Aoun on Monday condemned the “Israeli assault on the southern suburbs of Beirut” and told the country’s United Nations Special Coordinator, that the recent spate of drone strikes on Lebanon amount to a “declaration of war”.

Today two ‘Israeli suicide drones’ crash & explode in Beirut.

A small drone failed to detonate and crashed in the southern suburb of Beirut, while a second drone exploded near the news center, damaging the building.

Aggression against Iraq

One of the obvious and expected consequences or instances of ‘blowback’ from Israel’s unprecedented decision to extend its campaign against anti-terrorist forces into Iraq, with three airstrikes widely blamed on either Israeli drones or possibly F-35s in the last five weeks, is that it will force a deepening conflict between Iraq’s military and US coalition forces.

There’s long been a broad base of Iraqi support that would like to see the American presence completely out of the country with the Islamic State long defeated, but now that political bloc just got a lot stronger in the wake of the alleged Israeli raids, at least one of which US officials have already admitted Israel bore responsibility for (a July 19 attack on a Popular Mobilization Forces base in Amirli). A powerful anti-zionist faction of parliament has called Israel’s alleged attacks “a declaration of war”.

The influential and powerful Fatah Coalition, representing the country’s anti-terrorist Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) issued a statement Monday holding the United States responsible for facilitation Israeli aggression on Iraqi soil, “which we consider to be a declaration of war on Iraq and its people,” the statement said. The statement noted further that American troops are no longer needed and only now serve to jeopardize Iraqi national security.

PMF commanders and officials have over the past weeks been the most vocal part of Iraq’s military and government blaming the recent spate of devastating attacks on Israel; however, following last week’s explosion at a base outside Baghdad – believed the result of an Israeli airstrike – it appears this view is now gaining support even from the prime minister’s office amid an ongoing official investigation into the blasts.

Last week Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi had called for an end to all “unauthorized flights” including US drones, spy planes, jets, or helicopters. The directive demanded that all aerial vehicles comply with Iraqi law and operations must be under Iraqi government authorization.

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