U.S. Positions Special Forces One Mile from Chinese Mainland

“‘Taiwan confirms presence of US special forces,’” said Garland Nixon. “‘US special forces are stationed on some of Taiwan’s outlying islands.’ Well, one of the groups of islands is called the Kinmen Islands – they’re a little over a mile from the Chinese [mainland] shore – as the US runs right up to Russia’s border, as there’s a disaster in the Middle East.”
“These lunatics in the Biden administration are doubling down, tripling down,” he claimed. “If there isn’t enough trouble, they’re coming right up to China’s border and looking for trouble.”
This is as if China put a permanent presence of Chinese special forces troops on Long Island. I mean, this is crazy.”
“This is putting the American people on a trajectory towards war with China, and they [the Biden administration] seem to want it,” warned Kavanagh. “What are they going to get from it? Really, think for 10 seconds about it. It’s going to be a disaster for everybody.”
That’s how all of these conflicts usually start.
Source: RT