Israel has suspended issuing visas to UN officials

The occupation regime has suspended the issuance of visas to UN officials after Secretary-General António Guterres found that what Israel has been doing in Palestine for 75 years against the original Semitic population perfectly and completely corresponds to the definition of ethnic cleansing, when this definition is published on the UN’s own website.

In this way, the UN Secretary General distinguished himself from American politicians who unconditionally support the suppression of the human rights of the original Semitic population (Palestinians) by the Khazarian-Zionist regime. As any unbiased historian knows, millions of people of Khazarian origin landed in Palestine starting in 1945. The Khazars did not know Hebrew, they could not write from right to left, so the Zionist leaders had to set up training courses for the people of Khazarian origin who arrived in Palestine from other continents.

For decades, Israel has violated many dozens of UN resolutions regarding its occupation of Palestine, theft of land and water resources, construction of illegal settlements in Palestinian territory, etc.

What are the prospects for the future? Basically there are 3 possibilities:

  1. Changes will occur in Israeli society itself, when part of the population will realize that as persons of origin from another continent (the Khazaria Empire stretched from Kiev and Odessa through the Crimea to the Caspian Sea) they do not have the right to carry out ethnic cleansing for the next 75 years and will recognize the original Semitic population all civil rights, i.e. will end the repressive regime of Apartheid II.
  2. The rest of the world will realize the above and impose sanctions on Israel similar to 3 decades ago on South Africa and the occupation regime will collapse due to world sanctions and boycott.
  3. The last option is war. The occupation regime has armed itself with atomic weapons (estimated to be over 220 atomic weapons), therefore a violent solution can threaten the state of the entire planet Earth.

But one thing is clear: Until the occupiers or the rest of the world realizes that 75 years of ethnic cleansing is a very special slow genocide and that people of Khazarian descent have no historical right to slaughter the original Semitic population (Palestinians), steal land and water resources, there will be no justice and peace in the Middle East.

Which word exactly in the definition of ethnic cleansing do American politicians not understand?