Serbian PM: EU paying extra to hide purchases of Russian oil

The bloc is buying Moscow’s crude via intermediaries at double the price, Serbian Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic told RT.

Oil from Russia is still entering the EU market despite Western sanctions, but it now flows through intermediaries at a much higher price, Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic stated on Friday.

“The same energy resources are coming but with the help of different intermediaries,” Viskovic told RT on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week forum. He added that this is “the price that must be paid” for the international restrictions that banned Russian oil from the EU market.

“When big players globally shuffle the cards, sides that are not direct participants of these processes have to take certain losses,” he said, referring to surging energy prices across the bloc.

According to Viskovic, Republika Srpska, Serbia, and the Western Balkans nations that have not joined the EU and G7 restrictions on Russia are suffering smaller losses compared to other European countries that were previously heavily dependent on energy supplies from Russia.

“People in Europe pay a much higher price than we do. Currently they have prices twice as high and the lack of energy resources. They were lucky that last winter was mild. Now the weather is also in their favor but that is a matter of time,” the politician warned.


Source: RT