Boeing To Increase Production Rates Of 737 MAX And 787 Jets

Boeing aims to produce at least 50 MAX variants per month by 2025 and is confident in the coordinated supply chain’s ability to deliver on this goal.

The Renton plant in Washington state will see an increase in narrowbody production, while the North Charleston plant in South Carolina will see an increase in widebody Dreamliner production.

The manufacturer looks to boost production with supply chain problems starting to ease and the world effectively open again and ready for business.

Narrowbody production will increase at Boeing’s Washington state Renton plant, which looks to expand from a usual output of 31 MAX per month to 38 and increase of 84 aircraft per year. While those looking for the widebody Dreamliner, heading to North Charleston, South Carolina, will see the plane maker boost from three to four of every famous aircraft.