Rumor: TSMC plans JV fab in Germany

TSMC reportedly has decided to build a fab in Germany jointly with local partners in a collaboration model similar to that for its ongoing fab project in Japan, according to industry sources.

After announcing the construction of factories in the United States and Japan, there was also news that TSMC was considering building factories in Europe. Their first fab in Europe may be built in Germany

Judging from the latest reports from relevant media, TSMC may build a factory in Germany,It will adopt the same model as their factory in Japan and build a joint venture with a local company.

Foreign media quoted sources who reported that TSMC’s German factory will adopt a joint venture model, and industry sources revealed that TSMC has decided to adopt a joint venture model.

TSMC’s factory in Japan was announced on November 9, 2021. It and Sony Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. established a joint venture named Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. The initial plan is to invest 7 billion U.S. dollars to build a Wafer foundry. In February of the following year, they announced that Denso Corporation of Japan would become a shareholder, investing US$ 350 million in the joint venture and obtaining no more than 10% of the shares.

But even if TSMC adopts a joint venture model to build a factory in Germany, TSMC may still be the main investor. In the joint venture company in Japan, TSMC is still the major shareholder after Denso takes a stake, holding more than 70% of the shares.