Ukraine claims it has assembled manpower for new offensive

Interior Minister Igor Klimenko: Eight new brigades have been assembled.

Kiev has completed the recruitment of its so-called “Attack Guard,” which has been assembled with the aim of retaking territories lost to Russia during the ongoing conflict, Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klimenko has said.

“As of today, eight new brigades have been put together, and we’re ready for active offensive measures,” he claimed during a TV appearance on Friday.

Klimenko didn’t reveal the exact number of personnel in the new force, but a brigade usually consists of between 3,000 to 5,000 troops.

Thousands of men have volunteered to join the “Attack Guard” since the recruitment drive began in early February, the minister said.

No new applications are being accepted at the moment and those who have already submitted their papers are being assigned to reserve units, he added.

The Interior Ministry said earlier that it was putting together the “Attack Guard” with the aim of restoring Kiev’s control over territories that used to be part of Ukraine before 2014.