Thailand Blockchain Week 2019 – The emergence of new ideas

Early this December was another exciting time in blockchain and FinTech sector. Bangkok packed with blockchain experts from Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China. This was a special moment for Thailand and whole Asia.

The main topics were: Scalability, DeFi and what business will be left for banks.

In backstage and during the after-party, even bolder statements were made than on stage, also more progressive ideas were voiced out.

For example: Stakeholders in RENTA let themselves be heard, that they have established a price floor of 80% on the market rate of RENTA.

In response, Global Dollar stakeholders countered by claiming that they would support the market price if it fell below 90% of the current market price.

In every case, the price floor is an instrument that was noticeably absent in the crypto ecospace.