FDA finds asbestos in make-up at Claire’s

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday warned consumers not to use particular cosmetic products sold at Claire’s retail branches after they were found to contain asbestos, a known dangerous carcinogen.

Samples of Claire’s eye shadows batch no./lot no. 08/17, compact powder batch no./lot no. 07/15 and contour palette batch no./lot no. 04/17 were all tested positive for tremolite asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral often found in the earth deposits near talc, an ingredient in many makeup products. Talc can become contaminated with asbestos while being mined, according to the FDA.

“Consumers who have these batches/lots of Claire’s Eye Shadow, Compact Powder, and Contour in their home should stop using them,” the FDA said in an alert posted on its website.

Asbestos is very dangerous materials. Its very small needles fly through the air and plunge into cells in the lungs of the victims. Lung cancer begins at victims with approximately 20 years of delay after inhalation.

For example WTC1 and WTC2 were known to contain several tens of thousands of tons of asbestos.