Před 50 lety se Apollo 8 vydalo k Měsíci

Galerie: Foto NASA a AP

FLORIDA, UNITED STATES – NOVEMBER 1968: Apollo 8 astronauts (L-R) William Anders, Jim Lovell
Astronaut Frank Borman in commander’s seat at left, Mike Collins at the controls, the middle, and Bill Anders at right during mission of Apollo 8 in shuttle simulator in an undated photo. (AP Photo)
9 Oct. 1968 The Apollo 8 (Spacecraft 103/Saturn 503) space vehicle on the way from the Kennedy Space Center’s (KSC) Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to Pad A, Launch Complex 39. The Saturn V stack and its mobile launch tower are atop a huge crawler-transporter. (NASA)
1968-12-20 Pre-launch night views of Saturn 503/Apollo 8 on pad 39A during MSS Mobile Service Structure pullback at KSC. (NASA)
A busy Launch Control Center at Kennedy Space Center during the Apollo 8 mission prelaunch activities. 1968-12-21 (NASA)

Launch control center

FILE – In this Dec. 21, 1968, file photo, the Apollo 8 crew lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Friday, Dec. 21, 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the historic mission. (AP Photo/File)
Reporters‘ eyes and an array of cameras track the Apollo 8 launch from the LC-39 press site. (NASA)
Mission control during Apollo 8 blastoff, Dec. 21, 1968. (AP Photo)

Iconic Earthrise

Apollo 8 recovery, Dec. 27, 1968. (AP Photo)
The crew of Apollo 8 addresses the crew of the USS Yorktown after a successful splashdown and recovery. (NASA)