The oncoming technological revolution and the resulting consequences

I would like to invite PressClub World readers to LiveStream, where revolutionary zero-emission technology will be presented. This revolutionary technology produces clean electricity 24/365 without any external input.

The device will continuously power the headlamp for the next few years and everything will be placed on a transparent Plexiglas table.

The LiveStream begins Monday, March 13 at 8 a.m. EST (12:00 GMT / 13:00 Central European Time).

Note: Hyperlink to LiveStream will be accessible tomorrow.

History: The birth of this technology

Czechoslovak Martin Fleischmann can be considered the “spiritual father” of this technology. Fleischmann and Pons caused a stir in the scientific community in 1989, reported excess heat generation in electrolysis experiment using the negatively polarized Pd/D-D 2 O system. Their experiments sparked the interest of many researchers in further development.

In 1994, the Italian scientist Dr. Piantelli, in experiments with a different Ni-H system, achieved better results in heat production. His research was followed up by other research teams that achieved performances in the kiloWatt(h) range.

After 29 years of development of Ni-H systems, it was possible to miniaturize the entire hardware and achieve a self-sustaining mode during work.

And just such miniaturized hardware weighing 30 grams, working in SSM mode will be presented tomorrow in LiveStream.

Economic and Geopolitical consequences

Initial rollout of this technology and market saturation will be modest, with only 1 million units produced in the first 12-18 months. And even with the most sober estimates, it is more than obvious that world markets need hundreds of millions of pieces of this technology every year.

That is that the first year of production will mean only a slight interference with the status quo. A significant share in real energy markets can only be achieved after production reaches tens and hundreds of millions of units.

However, the situation on the “paper” markets, where 9 times more oil and 70 times more money than what actually exists, can look a bit more dramatic.

An example is the global financial crisis of 2008, when large banks that invented, sold and held fraudulent securities (MBS) became technically insolvent. At that time, world oil consumption fell by an insignificant 4%. However, the price of oil on the “paper” markets fell by 67%, specifically from USD 143 per barrel to USD 47 per barrel of Brent oil.

If we keep in mind this example from recent history, then it is possible to expect basically anything on the “paper” markets.

A press release regarding LiveStream of the revolutionary technology was issued on March 7 via EIN PressWire, which automatically sends all press releases to the Associated Press, Bloomberg and 1,000 other media outlets. The media did the exact same maneuver they’ve done 1000 times before – they suppressed this press release and ran it into the ground.

From this traditional maneuver it can be concluded that publicity will be manufactured as soon as a certain criminal syndicate, which cannot be named, will be ready.

Impacts on stocks and “paper” (commodities) markets will probably only occur in connection with media hype. There may be movement on the commodity markets – oil, natgas, copper and on the FX markets. If a criminal syndicate is really behind the suppression of the press release, then the movements on the “paper” markets will occur even before the media hype.

About stocks markets – any stock associated with a vertical supply chain with energy-related stock may be targeted.

Any energy exporting country can also be targeted.

See you tomorrow.