Twitter’s CEO, CFO and Chief Censor escorted out of HQ

The machinery of the Deep State and the Apartheid Zionist regime narrative took a heavy hit. The strategists and ideologists of the Khazarian crime syndicate are shaking with fear. If Elon Musk’s public statements that he plans to reduce or even remove censorship on Twitter are confirmed in the coming days and weeks, it could spell serious trouble for the Khazarian crime syndicate and its most important component. The Khazarian leaders know that if the whole world were to learn that the Khazars really came from the Khazaria Empire after the censorship was lifted, ie. that the Khazars are not Semites and are only pretending to be Semitic, the occupying Apartheid Zionist regime would not last much longer, regardless of the fact that this brutal regime armed itself with atomic weapons.

Musk’s original public statements promised to abolish censorship. However, the European supervisors immediately responded, and did not spare any threats to Musk and Twitter. The European overseers insist on censorship, especially the censorship of the crimes of Zionism, the censorship of any criticism of the Apartheid state of “Israel” and the censorship of the history of the Khazaria Empire, the mass conversion of its population from the original religion of worshiping the phallus as a god to Judaism, the fall of the Khazaria empire and the subsequent emigration of the Khazars throughout the world.

Elon Musk is a WEF progeny, so it’s no surprise that Musk has since heavily revised his statements about Twitter without censorship, assuring European regulators and advertisers that everything will be tailored to their interests.

Elon Musk was ordered by a court to complete or cancel the acquisition of Twitter by today. From all indications, Musk completed the Twitter takeover yesterday, when Musk was spotted walking into the company’s headquarters building with a large porcelain sink. He shouted something to the effect of “flushing them all away”.

Twitter was created 16 years ago after some sociological studies that confirmed that the ability to write a medium or longer article has disappeared for most of the population. New generations are often only able to express themselves in short exclamations. They often have difficulty writing a compound sentence. This sociological phenomenon is probably due to centuries of Talmudist subversion and the general dumbing down of the general public, which includes the ubiquitous censorship. The Twitter platform reacted ingeniously to these findings and at first only allowed very short messages of the length of an SMS. Later, when people qualified to write longer continuous text appeared on the platform, Twitter changed the limit from 140 characters to 280 characters.

This is just speculation at the moment, but it should be remembered that 74 years of brutal ethnic cleansing, genocide carried out in a particularly slow way, the burning of Semitic women and children alive with white phosphorus – all this with complete impunity and with the full support of Western democratic governments was possible mainly thanks to the general censorship, thanks to the strong influence of the Khazarian crime syndicate in the media (including state media) and the infiltration of 200,000 Sayanim (Khazarian auxiliary agents) into the political and public life of Western democracies.

The loosening of Twitter censorship may be the first crack in the future that will lead to the downfall of the Khazarian Crime Syndicate and its most important component.

One final note: Musk could have easily built an even better social media platform for a fifth of the proceeds he spent acquiring Twitter