Some folks just realized that 97% of all cryptos is empty shell

Yes, famed Bitcoin constructed by mysterious Nakamoto, who not dare to take a few billions of his fortune, is empty shell. Some folks do not understand this truth, some folks realized this just now.

It was very clear, that group behind Tether was the bigger market manipulators around autumn 2018, when the whole crypto market froze. Exactly at the same time when Tether admins and founders scrambled to get some USD cash into Caribbean bank and show the world some bank coonfirmation about USD possession.

During months before this burlesque, these speculators was playing game with their USD reserves and lost probably around 800 million USD.

So when addicts fall into gambling addiction, there is no escape. The same group plus new cohorts of hedge funds managers and millions of young dumb novices start last crypto bubble during last weeks.

Do you really think that platform consists of a few hubdreds PCs of volunteers, plus some empty shell crypto is really worth 20-30 Billion USD as some yryptos was a few hours back?

Now dumb folks realized crushing pain. It is not impossible to create some crypto which is not empty shell, which represent some project and some tangible assets. Nevertheless, such cryptos are in rare minority.

So investing in cryptos again look like bets on red or black color in common roulette.