Renta – supermodern digital incarnation of loyalty bonus

Renta (symbol: RENTA) is new project on high performance TRON network with blockchain time 3 seconds and 748 TPS (transactions per second) which is modern incarnation of old and well known loyalty and referral bonus in paper form or primitive electronic form as are ALZA’s “Alzaky” and similar loyalty programs.

Team around project leader Ivan Samec is filled with well experienced CEOs, Executive Directors and owners of various e-shops. Ivan Samec itself is in highest managerial positions as Chairman of the board and CEO of a number of companies, such as: WEBshop s.r.o., de Havilland Corp. etc. Ivan Samec has 30 years of business experience and is considerig as one of the best equity analyst in the world because he precisely warned before big crisis in 1998, dot com bubble in 2000 and world financial crisis in 2008. No other analyst has such stellar records.

Renta is designed as low-cost high performance token, where every wallet has 18 zero-fee transactions per day as big advantage against costly Ethereum based projects. Renta applied to listing on PoloniDEX which is decentralized exchange, so no risk of the same fate as IDAX and other vanished centralized exchanges.

Renta is specialized loyalty and referral tokens for owners and operators of e-shops. It is also useable for traditional stores, for example used car dealers etc.

Company WEBshop s.r.o. is tracking market price of Renta and is publishing it on project’s website:

In first phase it is for Central European customers and businesses. Later phase is planned for German and Italy market.

Market price of Renta is steadily rising without scandals and without flash crashes, so it is interesting alternative to extremely volatile cryptos which often have no physical address, no telephone and none entity responsible for their businesss affairs.