30 Years Since the Announcement by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons at Utah University

March 23, 1989 Czechoslovak (living in Great Britain) Martin Fleischmann, PhD and Stanley Pons, PhD made a public statement at a press conference organized by Utah University in Salt Lake City about a scientific experiment later referred to as “cold fusion” by the media.

Martin Fleischmann, PhD and Stanley Pons, PhD conducted scientific experiments at Utah University in the field of electrolysis, chemistry and hydrogen diffusion in metallic materials. The phenomenon which Fleischmann and Pons described was quite problematic because it failed to repeat it in subsequent replication attempts at other universities. Also, the reported energy surplus in the order of 1.01 is difficult to prove. If CoP is 50 (50 times more energy produced than the amount of energy consumed), minor measurement inaccuracies can be abstracted from protocol. If the stated CoP is 1.01, it is always a big challenge for experts inmeasurement. In general, the replicability of the experiments in the initial research period was a big problem for many development teams. There were positive results in one or two tests, which were not repeated seven times, for example.

Either way, a public statement by Fleischmann and Pons has sparked a wave of hope for unorthodox-minded scientists, technicians, experimenters, and developers. Over the next decades, dozens of US, Japanese, Italian, and other teams in different institutions have achieved very interesting results, albeit from a scientific perspective.

Transmutation of elements was more successful than energy production. Generation of energy in experiments usually did not exceed the order of a few microWatts or milliWatts.

Dr Rossi’s coming on the scene has revolutionized the possibilities of practical use. Dr. Rossi is able to produce heat in the order of tens of kiloWatts. Over the years, instead of the term “cold fusion” invented by the press, the term LENR (Low-energy nuclear reactions) has been used, which is also not entirely accurate. Currently, the terms used to describe reactions are: “annihilation of the virtual particles”, “dense electron clusters”, etc.

The significance of the announcement by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons can be seen in the birth of a new generation of scientists and experimenters who ignored the ridicule by academia and carried out experimental work on what 99.9% of scientists labeled and still call “impossible”.

Video: Announcement at March 23, 1989

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