Worldwide introduction of the E-Cat SK today at 9:00 AM Eastern Time

Today, at 9:00 AM Eastern Time, a new breakthrough technology – the new energy source E-Cat SK – will be introduced worldwide via Live Stream.

During the broadcast, viewers can ask questions about technical parameters, business strategies, and so on. Dr. Andrea Rossi – CEO of Leonardo Corp. and the inventor of this technology will answer the questions during the performance.

E-Cat SK uses a small reactor in which the low-temperature plasma produces very strong UV light. This UV light is consequently thermalized on inside walls of thermal exchanger. The reactor does not use any radioactive material and produces no emissions, not even CO2. The reactor is connected to a heat exchanger. All energy input into the reactor is an electric current (electric control wave) of 800 microWatts.

The reactor is controlled by an electronic control module with a consumption of approximately 380Watts (including a cooling fan and other auxilliary components).

Standard long-term power output of the device is 21.9 kW and for a short time it is 35 kW.

With regard to the long-term power of 21.9 kW, the entire device, including the electronic control module and the exchanger, achieves a CoP (coefficient of power) 57.

Briefly: The device provides 57 times more energy (thermal) than the amount of electrical energy entering the device.

The exact composition of “fuel” is classified (as a manufacturing secret), but these are affordable cheap materials such as nickel, hydrogen, and the like. In the replications carried out by other scientists, it seemed as though the “fuel” did not basically consume, but only changed the isotopic composition, for example from nickel 60 to nickel 62 and the like.

Therefore, the term “fuel” is given in quotation marks. Dr. Rossi claims that “fuel” will last for at least 1 year of continuous operation.

Leonardo’s business strategy is somewhat unclear. In the first phase, they do not want to sell equipment, but only want to sell heat. that is, the device will remain the property of Leonardo and the customer would only pay for the heat consumed. The price for heat would always be 20% lower than the price of any other available alternative in the given location.

Dr. Rossi plans to install E-Cat SK in the first phase only in industrial facilities – only for companies. I.E. who would like E-Cat SK to heat their villas, has to wait.

Dr. Rossi has been repeatedly criticized in a public discussion forum for his business strategy. Dr. Rossi has repeatedly refused to sell production licenses to other companies with extensive production capacities. Business strategy of Dr. Rossi will cause not only a very slow adoption of this breakthrough technology of clean and cheap energy, but will cause hundreds of billions of damage to businesses and the public. A detailed description and examples of why this strategy is very reckless and wrong will be published tomorrow.

Live Streaming will be available today at 15:00 CET at:

The broadcast will take about 2 hours, then the recording will be permanently available.


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