Lifestyle – After Bust of Pricey, Slow, Old Gen Cryptos, Here Is New Gen

After bust of pricey, low performance, slow, old gen cryptos, here are much faster high-performance new generation cryptos.

About 1850 new projects are hosted on the platform Tron Network. Each project has its own tokens. Because there is no performance difference between coins and tokens on this platform, so all these tokens can also be called coins.

About a million early crypto adopters have become accustomed to easy profits and sweet lives in recent years until soberness in 2018. Some folks till now do not understand that the extremely slow Bitcoin with 2.7 TPS and Ethereum performance with 7 TPS for tokens and 13 TPS for Ether are completely unusable for mass adoption. This important detail was not understood even by cryptofond “experts”, until 330 cryptofunds received an e-mail with a detailed explanation, which happened in mid-2018.

Fortunately, with the new generation of cryptos, where the transaction time is 3 seconds (as opposed to 1 hour with Bitcoin)  all kinds of business can be carried out. So globetrotters, who work remotely and often travel to pleasant destinations, can receive rewards in cryptos within 3 seconds without incurring bank charges of $20-40 for international payments. Imagine something like a simplified Facebook, with groups, forums, and dating where you get a reward for each article. With Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens it’s impossible, with new gen cryptos it is achievable business.